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6-axis 6-linkage EDM Small Hole Driller - MH30C


MH30C micro EDM machine tool is developed by BIEM supported by major national scientific and technology projects. It has dual functions, micro forming and small hole drilling. The lathe has X/Y/Z/W four full closed loop control linear axis(positioning accuracy 2μm, repositioning accuracy 1μm ), and U/V two full closed lop control high precession dividing rotating shafts, and one R axis with adjustable speed. Axis W adapts linear motor structure, has high positioning accuracy, strong servo capability, all of which have greatly enhanced the performance of processing small holes. By 6 axis linkage motion, it can realize processing of spark micro holes in complex spatial position. Spark micro machining power supply is stable, efficient and reliable. It can process small holes ranged between Φ0.1~0.3mm.


Small hole processing minimum electrode loss ≤0.05%;
Best processing surface roughness Ra≤0.05μm;
Minimum diameter of processed circular hole Φ0.08mm;
High precision copy electrode can be realized, capable to process small holes on tiny parts and complex surface, micro-hole contour burr-free and sharp-edged.
Aqueous medium processing lathe can be provided according customer demand

Main technical parameters

Item Parameter Unit Value
1 orktable size(L*W) mm 600*400
2 X,Y,Z,W axis travel mm 300,200,272,25
3 U,V axis travel range ° 360,-90~20
4 X,Y,Z,W axis positioning accuracy mm 0.002
5 X,Y,Z,W axis repositioning accuracy mm 0.001
6 U,V aixs positioning accuracy ° 0.005,0.01
7 U,V axis repositioning accuracy ° 0.002,0.005
8 Working tank size (L*W*H) mm 950*630*407
9 Working tank capacity L 200
10 Liquid level adjustment range mm 68~247
11 Max. workpiece weight kg 100
12 Min. / max. distance between worktable and electrode mounting plate mm 364 / 636
13 Liquid storage system size(L*W*H) mm 1500*1250*897
14 Liquid storage tank capacity L 400
15 Machine overall size(L*W*H) mm 2013*2280*2241
16 Machine weight kg 2000
17 Total input power KVA 5.5
18 Max. processing current A 10
19 Number of coordinates of the system PCS 60
20 Display of the system 15″LCD
21 Compounding axis number 7 axis and 6-linkage
22 Processing medium Kerosene for EDM