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6-axis 6-linkage EDM Small-hole Driller - MH10


MH10 micro hole EDM machine tool is 6 axis high precession inverted cone hole processing machine, developed by BIEM with support from major science and technology projects. The driller can process small inverted tapered hole in complex spatial position. Machining taper can be adjusted according different requirements. This driller realize processing of various kinds of hole grooves, narrow slits by multi axes coordination. It is widely used for making automobile nozzle, micro hole groove parts in aerospace filed.


Nozzle hole diameter: Φ0.1-0.3mm
Hole tolerance: ±0.003mm
Hole depth: 0.6-1.0mm
Positional accuracy: ±0.01mm
Position angle accuracy: ±0.1°
Hole inverted taper adjusted
Surface roughness: Ra≤0.3 um
Single hole processing time ≤35sec (1mm depth 1Cr18Ni9Ti)

Main Technical Parameters

Item Name Unit Parameter
1 X,Y,Z,W axis travel mm 100,100,100,25
2 U,V axis range ° 360,0 ~ 100
3 X,Y,Z axis positioning accuracy mm 0.006
4 X,Y,Z axis repositioning accuracy mm 0.004
5 W axis positioning , repositioning accuracy mm 0.02,0.01
6 U,V axis positioning accuracy ° 0.005,0.02
7 U,V axis repositioning accuracy ° 0.002,0.01
8 orktable dimension (length * width) mm 310 * 342
9 Max. weight load of worktable kg 50
10 Dimenision of host machine(W*D*H) mm 1177*1441*1690
11 Total weight of the machine tool kg 800
12 Total input power KVA 5.5
13 Maximum processing currrent A 10
14 Coordinate numbers of the system PCS 60
15 System display 15″LCD
16 CNC system self-development
17 Compounding axis number 6-axis feed
18 Processing medium deionized water