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6-axis 5-linkage EDM Small-hole Driller - SH50


SH50 six-axis precision CNC EDM small-hole machine is suitable for the machining of gas turbine, aviation and aerospace engine blade air film cooling hole, dustpan hole and other parts made of nickel-based superalloy casting, as well as the machining of special-shaped parts with deep and narrow slots. It can complete the movement of any angle position in the space. Under one clamping positioning, all holes with different angles and positions can be processed. It can meet the requirement that the thickness of remelting layer of single crystal material is less than 0.002mm.

The equipment and its accessories are made of perfect technology and high-quality materials. The machine tool structure design is reasonable, the modelling is artistic, has the enough static, the dynamic precision, the high rigidity and the high stability. Key components selected for power supply are all imported products, with high control accuracy and fast response speed, ensuring first-class processing quality and high reliability. This machine tool adopts advanced and mature technology and system, has good dynamic quality, and is easy to use, operate and maintain. With excellent after-sales service, product performance, the machine is highly recognized by the market.

Machine tool is designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISO international standards. Its same type of host structure of the B30E precision CNC EDM hole machine tool with all precision items of 32% ~ 98% of the reserve precision quality of the "national special processing industry electrical processing machine tool standards recognized excellent products." All parts and components of the machine tool and the measurement unit of various instruments all adopt international unit (SI) standard (equivalent to national standard). Its electrical components are handled with anti-aging treatment.

Main technical parameters

Item Parameter Unit  Value
1 orktable size(L*W) mm 600*400
2 X,Y,Z axis travel mm 300, 212, 272
3 B axis travel ° -90~90
4 W axis travel mm 200
5 X,Y,Z,W axis positioning accuracy mm 0.006,0.006,0.006,0.02
6 X,Y,Z,W axis repositioning accuracy mm 0.004,0.004,0.004,0.01
7 B axis positioning / repositioning accuracy ° 0.05 / 0.02
8 Worktable max. workpiece weight kg 400
9 Total input power kW 9
10 Input voltage V 380
11 Max. working current A 10
12 Processible hole diameter range mm φ0.3~φ3.2
13 X,Y,Z,W axis resolution mm 0.001
14 B axis resolution ° 0.001
15 Number of compounding axis five-axis linkage
16 Processing medium EDM kerosene, deionized water 
17 terpolation (spatial motion) mode Straight, arc, helix, oblique circle 
18 Precision compensation term Step error compensation and gap compensation are respectively made for each axis 
19 Display 15 inch LCD 
20 Hand control box Standard inching (multi-stage switching) MFR0-3