Triaxial Small-hole EDM Driller - D330


This 3-axis EDM driller is developed by HERISING according to market needs of upgrading normal single axis EDM driller, mainly used for drilling various kinds of micro-holes or group holes.

Rich variety of discharging solutions, advanced technology, stable CNC control system, all these advantages help to enhance productivity. Internet connection port is provided, applicable for intelligent manufacturing requirements.

Main technical parameters

Item Parameters Unit Value
1 Hole diameter range mm 0.2-0.35
2 Max. depth-diameter ratio   100:01:00
3 Max. processing current A 50
4 Wire feeding stroke mm >50
5 Horizontal X-axis travel mm ≥300
6 Verticak Y-axis travel mm 200
7 Column Z-axis travel mm 200
8 R axis rotary speed rpm 0-150
9 Max. operating fluid pressure Mpa 7
10 Machine tool weight Kg 1500
11 设Processing speed mm/min 5-120
12 Remelting depth mm ≤0.02
13 Aperture accuracy mm ±0.01
14 Host machine dimension(L*W*H) mm 1700*1520*1600
15 Power supply dimension(L*W*H) mm 600*600*1800